Shiwi | Ingèr – A friendly warning of what it means to get fit
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Ingèr – A friendly warning of what it means to get fit

Ingèr – A friendly warning of what it means to get fit

Now we’ve all enjoyed the first weekend filled with sun, Easter brunches and maybe had our first barbeque (or two), we all know it’s really time to get started. Summer is very close and I’ve said it before: I am going to take you with me through it all: the good and the bad.  And this time I am warning you.

You are probably thinking about a dream body, the ultimate confidence or a combination of both. You are thinking ‘I have to work hard now, to enjoy this later’. Right?

No, wrong.

A fit and healthy body and confidence is indeed about working hard and changing things, but it’s not something you do for a short amount of time. It’s a lifestyle change.

I am not trying to discourage you or to make you stop trying. Not at all! I am just saying it’s not going to happen by itself, or overnight and it will not happen at all, if you don’t make any real changes.

Listen to me and remember this.

  1. You will fall

You are going to fall. Multiple times at least. If that doesn’t happen, you are not doing it right. Creating a different body and mindset is all about finding your borders and learning from your mistakes. The process towards it will not be spot- or stainless or will be without any obstacles.

  1. You will get impatient

There will be times you prefer a crash diet. There will not always be physical progress or results on the scale. There will be times you are going to doubt yourself and this plan. Hang in there, cause that’s exactly part of the deal.

  1. You will make bad decisions

I don’t believe in saying no to all kind of ‘bad’ foods. I think it gets harder when you ‘diet’ for a period of time and saying no to everything. You will think about what you’re missing then and you will make more ‘mistakes’. In my opinion you should just incorporate all kinds of food in the right amounts. But there will be times, like at parties, festivals or during holidays where you choose chocolate over protein and drink more alcohol than water. But that’s okay. Just bounce back after it. And make sure your base is healthy and balanced.

Now that that’s out of the way

There are many ways to start. You can find help by hiring a coach or a PT. You can learn from the internet or your favourite Instagrammer (hint hint). But it all comes down to one thing: starting in general. Next time I will give you all my tips about starting.


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