Shiwi | Ingèr – 5 tips to get started
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Ingèr – 5 tips to get started

Ingèr – 5 tips to get started

I could say 5 tips to get summer ready, but isn’t that title overused or even abused? I think so, but for some it’s still not really answered. I am going to try to answer it my way.

  1. What is your fit?

If you ask me, being fit is not a size, not even a weight, or a number, or the amount of miles you can run. It’s all about how you feel in combination with your diet and exercise. How do YOU define fit? Well, we all know what kind of foods don’t make us feel very good, if we have them very much. If your diet is all about quick meals, fast food and sugary snacks, then maybe you want to change that a bit. The same goes for alcohol: do you really need a drink every night? Never trained in your life? Try to take your bike, the stairs or just go for a walk in your break. The small changes matter most, when you’re trying to get fit.

  1. Write your why down

Why do you want to change and become fit? WHY? The answer to that is very important as it’s more powerful than motivation. Your why is something that reminds you of why you’ve started this. And then, when times get tough (they will!) or when you’re thinking about quitting, you’re why keeps you going. Print it or install it as a screensaver on your phone. Put it somewhere so it reminds you of your goals daily.

  1. Start now

The second tip is very practical: the sooner you start, the faster you’ll see results. And by result I mean, steps towards your goals. Don’t wait until tomorrow, don’t wait till a Monday or the 1st of January.

  1. Smart changes, small celebrations

By smart changes I’m talking about small and well described changes. Because if you make your plan seem unreachable or sky high, it can be very discouraging. Taking small steps and celebrating every tiny win, motivates you over and over again.

  1. Your surrounding

Not everyone is going to motivate you. Not everyone is understanding or seems to get why you want to do this or gets what you’re doing in general. That doesn’t mean you should dump all the nay-sayers, you should just have to pick the (few) people you listen to. Surround yourself with positives vibes, even though that sounds like the biggest cliché ever.

Losing weight

A little side note: losing weight is all about using more energy than you eat/drink. It means you can lose weight by creating a deficit there. You should burn more calories than you’re taking in. And that  means you should take a look at your food intake and your exercise.

More about that the next time!


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