Shiwi | The perfect fit for your body
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The perfect fit for your body

The perfect fit for your body

Us women are dealing with a lot of issues concerning our body. One of them being: shopping for it. And especially online shopping. Therefore, we would like to simplify it a bit for you.

The first step is to embrace and LOVE your body!  There are different types of bodies matching different styles of swimwear and we will give you a summary below.


If your shoulders, waist and hips are the same width, you have a plank figure. When you do, you have to try and create female forms in your body by wearing the right clothes. You can wear anything but you have to accentuate your (almost invisible) curves. Do this by wearing prints or vertical stripes as well as a tankini. Dresses with draw cords around the waist are also perfect for you! Here are a few options from our web shop: triangle nautic stripe, tankini paisley and dress slub Mexican.


Do you have big boobies, a big but and a small waist? You’re an hourglass. And that’s something to be proud of! You have a lot of goodies to show in your swimwear. Just make sure not to wear a tiny triangle top to avoid too much attention to your cleavage. A nice haltertop or wraptop will cover them perfectly and your body will be fully appreciated. A high waist bottom would be the finishing touch. Matching items from our web shop: triangle Mexican, wrap top and wrap top tropical flower.


If you have skinny legs, a skinny waist and bigger shoulders, you’re an apple. For you it’s important to avoid tight clothes and choose wider clothes. Oversized blouses, dresses and off-shoulder tops are perfect for your body. Say no to prints and say yes to dark colors because they are your best friends. Our offers for you: wrap top and bathingsuit shaping.


Where you have apples, you have pears. And if your tiny from up your waist and bigger from your waist down, I’m talking to you. For you it’s important to create a balance between your tiny shoulders and your bigger waist. You can do that by focusing on your upper body with a lot of colors and prints and tight tops with a low neckline. Don’t wear any prints or outstanding colors on your lower body, avoid the attention by wearing a pareo for example. Try the following options from our web shop: push up crochet, balcony ethnic colourblock and pareo lace island.


Having big boobies and bigger shoulders then waist, makes you a heart. Wearing even colored tops will make your boobs look smaller. Also, longer tops with a low neckline will lengthen your upper body perfectly. For the bottom part it’s recommended to wear wide trousers or skirts with prints, that way you will highlight your skinny legs. Avoid bandeau bikinis, they’ll only make your boobs bigger. Also, say no to halter tops and tops with straps on the shoulders because they will highlight your broad back and shoulders. Our recommendations: triangle crafted, wire solid and jumpsuit getaway.


Love, Shiwi