Shiwi | Ingèr – My 7 personal rules for a fit and healthy body and mindset
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Ingèr – My 7 personal rules for a fit and healthy body and mindset

Ingèr – My 7 personal rules for a fit and healthy body and mindset

Now you know I am here to help, I hope you are listening to me as well.

Everybody is different. So, everyone should do it their own way. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn from me. So here are my rules for weight loss and a bikini ready body and mindset.

  1. Never eat from the box

I used to eat a lot of crunchy muesli. The chocolate one, with a lot of sugar and even more calories. And on my way home I would ate 1,5 servings straight from the box, without noticing. Then once I was home, I would have another portion. But the one (and a half) I’ve had in the car didn’t count, because I had no idea it was that much.   

  1. Don’t eat while you’re cooking

Do you like to snack while you’re cooking? It’s the same as eating from the box: you don’t really notice how much you’re eating, but your body does! And has no mercy…

  1. Eat as many veggies as you can

And start with breakfast. The guidelines nowadays are 250 grams of vegetables every day. I like to aim for 300-400 gram each day. Not only do veggies have a whole lot of advantages, they are mostly low in calories, are very flexible and make your portion size way bigger. So you can eat more! Now, doesn’t that sound amazing? I always try to put a portion of veggies in every meal and yes, my breakfasts taste great. 

  1. Do workouts you love

If your goal is to be fit and healthy and happy, you should find workouts you love. Strength training has the most benefits, because it helps you tighten up, build a physique and helps you burn more calories throughout the day, but I don’t think everyone likes to do it every single day. And you don’t have to! So, try combining it with dancing, or cycling. Of just take your bike more often, walk with your friends. Try working at a standing desk. Do anything to move!

  1. Water is life

I always forgot to drink water until someone said: drink water like it’s your job. It worked for me. Water is life, water is great and you should drink more water. Bring a bottle everywhere, leave one in every bag you own, drink a cup with every meal and if you get those annoying cravings: drink again!

  1. Never -ever- say ‘I can’t’

Those two words are the easiest and quickest way to fail. I used them all the time and I believed it. My bones were heavy and it was in my DNA to be chubby. Yeah right. Never say them again, because you will believe it and you will quit. The only way to make this work is by trying over and over again. Saying I can’t is an emergency brake you don’t need to use.

  1. Try you best, give it your all

Making changes and getting used to a new lifestyle, because that’s where this is about, is all about giving it your best shot. You will become enthusiastic about your lifestyle and confident about your body if you work on that. Make yourself believe in you and give it all you’ve got.

You go girl (& guys!)

I am known shouting ‘you go girl’ on Instagram and with my blogs. You can find a lot of my Instagram posts with #YOUGOGIRL or #yougogirldingen. It drives me and I hope it drives you as well. Or go find yourself another motivating quote to remind you of your goals.