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A little while ago I took over Shiwi’s Instagram account and it was amazing! So many reactions and a lot of new followers. At the end of that day, I gave a very Instagram worthy inflatable that matched my (or yours) bathing suit away. And the only thing you had to do was to leave a question. This time, I’m answering all of them!

Does it matter if you eat before or after your workout?

Okay, a big one to start off. I’m not a food expert, just a girl with some experience. Having said that, my answer is personally.

I would recommend having a meal 1 to 2 hours before your workout and a post workout within 2-3 hours after your workout. Simply said: your body needs fuel to do the workout and to recover from it. Sometimes I don’t feel like eating in the morning and then I’ll go into my workout fasted, but I always need a post workout meal to get my energy up afterwards. So, this is kind of personal. And besides that, there is a difference in workouts: you will need different food for hours and hours of cycling then you will need for an hour of strength training.  Educate yourself about this and find out what works for you, just by trying out different meals.

What’s better: to eat every 2 hours or every 3 hours?

This used to be a rule to lose weight. My answer to this: there is no better or worse. This is very personal. If you like to eat every two hours and have small meals during the day, that’s fine by me. 3 hours fine to. Only 3, but bigger, meals on day? Fine too! If you want to lose weight, you should create a calorie deficit. If you want to become stronger and gain weight, you should create a positive calorie deficit. It’s that simple.

How long do you train on a day?

That depends! Some workouts only take me 45 minutes, others will take me 2 hours. For example, when I’m trying to PR on my squat, I take longer breaks in between sets. But If I’m there to get a sweat in, it only takes about 45 minutes.

Do you train in splits or use a full body routine? And what do you recommend?

I’ve done it all, but I prefer a split schedule. That way I can focus on a muscle group and train the other halve of my body when I’m sore. Once again, I would recommend you to find out what you like. If you like full body and you can go all-in with those workouts, do that. But If you enjoy your leg days and upper body days, just like me, create a split schedule for yourself. Or use mine!

What’s the best way to divide your macro’s when you are in a deficit?

I’m going to say this one more time, just to be sure: I am not a dietician, nor am I a specialist. No expert, just a smarty pants. When I’m in a deficit, I try to eat a lot of veggies and foods that are very saturating. Because that feeling is nice, when you’re losing weight. I think protein is an important macro and you should not forget about fibres. Do not take out all the carbs, that’s not necessary, just combine them with very saturating foods and you’ll be fine.  Or ask someone smarter than me for this.

How do you get rid of the love handles?

Ha-ha, this is a question I used to ask a lot. I don’t want to discourage you, because if you’re are trying to be fit, you are awesome. But I must say this: you cannot lose local fat. Every body is different and stores fat differently. If you want your body to change I would recommend combining strength training with a calorie deficit.

Do you have tips to get motivated when you’re having a day off/when you are not feeling motivated?

We all have those days and motivation isn’t the thing that will keep you going all the time. You know, you’ve got to accept that you will fall on your face. You will have some trouble with your old habits (they really die hard).

I love to talk and learn more about mindset. Because motivation is temporary and not consistent. It’s up to you. I always talk about ‘why’, have something to remind you of why you are doing this. Watch motivating YouTube videos. Have a good meal with a lot of veggies. Go work out, even if you don’t want to. Try to do something new.

I have days where I wake up tired and don’t want to do anything but eat all the chocolate. Sometimes I let myself do that, to remind me of how that makes me feel (not better). Other days I talk to my people or get an extra coffee (I usually only take one because it makes me nervous) and go workout.

You don’t want to give into that feeling to easily, because it’s very easy to feel good again. One good meal can change it, one good workout can too. Just try!

How do you train to shape your legs?

Ah legs! My favourite. There are many ways to train your legs. I usually have 3 leg workouts a week. Sometimes 4, because there are movements for them in my full body workout. One workout is focussed on strength, I take the really heavy dumbbells for lunges, go for a PR on my squat and focus on my glutes (bootay!!) to finish off. Then I’ll have a circuit workout later that week, where I combine lighter weights with high reps and less rest moments. And I usually have a 2-hour boot camp session on Tuesday with lots of walking lunges and squat combinations.

To really shape them, it’s important to always go for progressive overload.

What is your opinion about mindful eating?

I think it’s great! I need to learn more about it, because I’m only very mindful with eating when it comes to chocolate. But really enjoying your food, is kind of a big deal for us fitties. It can help you for sure. Just don’t pressure yourself into it. Because that won’t be mindful at all.

Do I have any questions left, yes I do. But I really wanted to make this readable and informing and fun. But that doesn’t mean you must stop asking me stuff, because I love to answer! You can always contact me on Instagram (@ingervierhout) or via Shiwi!


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