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Ingèr – I know the feeling girls

Ingèr – I know the feeling girls

Sometimes your patience gets challenged and you are just not feeling any progress. It happens to ALL of us. I know the feeling and it sucks. Excuse my language.

As soon as we lose our patience, we turn into quick fix finders. Nothings seems to work anymore, we think nothing changed and every wrong move means drama. And we all go through this every once in a while.

One more friendly reminder

I am going to say this one more time: getting fit and bikini prove is about more than just finetuning your body. I started all this, because I wanted to work on my body too. But my mindset, my behaviour, my endless impatience became more important. Instead of discouraging myself with negativity I wanted to be confident and happy with myself. Knowing that that’s want I wanted, is the biggest lesson I’ve learned and the most important one I can give you.

And yes, I still need to remind myself that it’s about more than just my body.

My zipper moments be like

Sometimes, like when the sun starts shining, I feel the desire to become (a little more) fit. Sometimes it feels like something I MUST do and then I lose my patience. I feel like I need to hide my stomach in big sweaters. I tell my legs they are too big, so I don’t want to wear shorts. I tell myself I store áll my fat on my back and start hating on it. I used to not even own sleeveless tops because of that. At that moment, I tell myself I need a change NOW and suddenly all I’m thinking is: I don’t WORK hard enough, I don’t WANT hard enough and I AM nog good enough.

This feeling is best described as ‘the zipper feeling’. When you’re just out of patience, all you want is:

“I want a zipper and the body of Beyoncé. Now. I want to get out of this body and have the one I want. NOW.”

Sounds familiar?

You should know this

Well, I hope, knowing we all go through these thoughts, helps you forget about them. Because you should. I also want you to know, that at these moments you should not decide anything. You are kind of fragile and you most likely will not make the best decision. You will rather choose for something that’s fast, than look for long term solutions. My advice? Sit back and wait till you get your mind straight. Do not make a move or change anything, just try to keep pushing, until you’re sane again.

For me, it helps to think about this as just something I want. I love to work on myself and proving my younger self wrong. And at these moments I keep telling myself that. You could try that too.


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