Shiwi | Ingèr – Getting back to business
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Ingèr – Getting back to business

Ingèr – Getting back to business

I used to go on these vacations where I would let everything go. Drink every night with the girls and eat whatever food we could get. Nowadays, I barely drink alcohol ever and I try to still eat veggies on a daily base. Just because it makes me feel better. And yes, I do train, because I love it! But there’s no better feeling then the motivation to get back on track after your vacation. This is what I did.

Step one: groceries

Right after my vacation in Spain, I ran to the grocery store. Luckily, it’s open till 10.00, because it was around 8 at the time. WE needed to eat something and I wanted it to be filled with veggies. I made my favourite dish: pasta sauce with pineapple. It’s quick, there are a lot of veggies in it and it’s delicious.

The next day I planned a groceries trip with Shiwi’s Instagram account. I took my time for it. That’s a tip right there. Plan your grocery trip and make a list of things you want. I bought a load of veggies and cooked them right after. Stocked in on vegetarian protein sources, but some snacks and even froyo. Because for me, getting back on track doesn’t mean I should say no to everything. I’m ‘easing back into healthy choices’.

Step two: keep the vibe

The feeling a vacation gives you, there’s no other way to get more peace in your mind, right? Let’s hold on to that! Don’t hurry back into stressing things, but take some time for it. Have a slow breakfast with your loved ones or plan something to celebrate the vacation.

The tip is: keep reading the magazines, go lay in the park for a moment and keep that relaxing vibe alive.

Step three: workout

This is the thing I liked to go very hard on. That Saturday we went for a big workout, at 9’o clock. The gym was almost empty and we were both very excited, because we hadn’t seen a gym for the last two weeks! I took my time for it, because I felt my body had walked and biked miles. I didn’t lift my usual numbers, because I know I’ve lost some strength, that’s just how that goes. So, I started with a big warm up, lots of stretching and more painful movements on the foam roller. Then I did squats with higher reps and lower weights. I finished with some steady cardio and felt like I was ready! Great first workout back!

The tip here is: don’t scare yourself with the biggest workout ever, but start fresh and make the most of it. Getting a sweat in works great for me!

Step four: the next workout

You know that feeling that you would like to improve yourself? I’m there now, I’m ready to push myself. So, I made a boot camp workout, which is very heavy and I am going to push myself.

The tip is here: decide when it’s time to work harder and make a step forward every workout.

Step five: get your priorities straight

That first weekend I was convinced I would eat only the great stuff, but instead I kind of lost my way with chocolate. Oops! That was not planned at all, but I’m just being honest.

The tip is: don’t say no to everything to get back on track, but say no to most of it. Don’t give yourself the permission to eat whole bar of chocolate AND a cup of ice-cream. Just have one bite/piece/cup/anything.  

The main thing I want you to know is that you should not detox or give yourself an extensive list of things to do after you get back from your vacation. Keep it fun, keep the motivation alive and make yourself responsible for your actions. Don’t be too hard, just love the fact you get to do this!

Enjoy guys!