Shiwi | How the journey starts
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How the journey starts

How the journey starts

Meet Julie, the creative brain behind our collections. Every year she takes a long journey from shopping trips all over the world to drawing doodles and finally design a full collection. We were very curious about this journey Julie takes to create a new collection every year and that’s why we asked her some questions about the SS18 collection. Are you ready to step into the journey with us?

Julie tell us, where do you begin?
Well I start off with going to trend shows specialized for swimwear, to spot the latest in shapes, materials, finishing, colors and prints. We also keep a close eye on the catwalk trends, and follow influential Intagrammers, keep up to date with fashion magazines, and go for shopping trips to fuel ourselves with so much swimwear that we eat, breath and sleep bikini’s! In the meantime in the back of my mind it slowly starts to get clear what the big trends for a new season of Shiwi beachwear will be. It’s always so exiting to start a new season when everything is possible!

And where did you go on a shopping trip this year?
We always try to find the latest trends in swimwear and spot newness in color, print and detailing. For this we travel to multiple destinations like London for high fashion, the French Cote d’Azur for a Mediterranean look and we also went to California where you find a true summer lifestyle with all the beach towns.

So shopping in these city’s seems like an easy task for almost every women, but I can imagine it’s not so easy in the end. Is there a secret behind a successful shopping trip that you can reveal this secret to us? The secret behind a shopping trip is that you try to soak it all in like a sponge, and you need to be full of energy because we shop from the moment the shops open, until the very last one closes, often late in the evening. We go for a good lunch and then we discuss what we have seen so far and what has been surprising us. The best is when going shopping together, and browsing a shop each one by itself, to grab the same stuff from the rack!

After you shopped till you literally dropped you came with this year’s collection. What has been the main inspiration of the SS18 collection?
The main inspiration for SS18 were a few of the best holiday destinations like the Bahamas, the beautiful blue and turquoise colors of the ocean, the lush palm leaves, sunsets with waving palm trees. But also a destination like Sydney, to get that sporty swim feeling with bold black & white contrasts and cool high neck shapes perfect for beach sports.

For men we looked at the Caribbean and found deep petrol ocean colors, pineapple prints, print mixing of leaves & stripes and off course lots of palm trees.

Okay so the main inspiration is fixed but from all the patterns and bikini’s you’ve shopped on the trip it seems impossible to make a choice. I mean everything is cool otherwise you haven’t bought it right? But how do you decide which patterns and models will be in the final collection?
There always needs to be a mix of Shiwi best-selling shapes and models and some newness. When we decide which new shapes to add to a collection, it’s a mix of fashion and making sure that it fits to the Shiwi brand. We do the same for prints, we spot what is trending, but keep a close eye to make sure it matches the Shiwi  sunshine feeling.

Last but not least, which one is your personal favorite in the SS18 collection?
Bright jungle bandeau! This print gives a tropical summer feeling that makes me feel like I’m on a holiday instantly!